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Making Movies Without Losing Money

Practical Lessons in Film Finance (1st Edition)


This book is about the practical realities of the film market today and how to make a film while minimizing financial risk. Film is a risky investment and securing that investment is a huge challenge. The best way to get investors is to do everything possible to make the film without losing money. Featuring interviews with film industry veterans – sales agents, producers, distributors, directors, film investors, film authors and accountants – Daniel Harlow explores some of the biggest obstacles to making a commercially successful film and offers best practice advice on making a good film, that will also be a commercial success. The book explores key topics such as smart financing, casting to add value, understanding the film supply chain, the importance of genre, picking the right producer, negotiating pre-sales and much more. By learning how to break even, this book provides invaluable insight into the film industry that will help filmmakers build a real, continuing career.


Author : Lee Adams Publication: Film Daily

“Harlow writes in a succinct, no BS manner… It all makes for an entertaining read. Will offer insight, encouragement, and help recalibrate your ideas about how to get your project made…”
Author : Mattia Fiorino Publication: Project Lodestar

“Daniel Harlow’s work is not purely speculative or theoretical; on the contrary, his approach is direct and incisive. Making Movies Without Losing Money manages to be effective thanks to the clarity of its structure and the precision of Harlow’s research.”
Author : Tom Farr Publication: The Writing Cooperative

“The author has structured the book around his own Hero’s Journey to discover how successful small budget independent films are made…. this book will help you to think through all the most impactful aspects of launching a film career.”