Bunker 15 masterfully boosts The Ringmaster’s marketing

[Los Angeles, CA – March 19, 2021] Bunker 15 Films joined forces with Capp Bros to help market their chef documentary “The Ring Master” which is available to watch on Amazon Prime and iTunes.


When Zachary Capp (writer) connected with Bunker 15 in October last year, the film had received no reviews and no page on Rotten Tomatoes. There was an initial plan for 5 reviews but the process snowballed into a fully-fledged campaign totalling 20 reviews.


Thanks to Bunker 15, the film managed to obtain “Critics Consensus” status.


Zachary heralded the “Bunker 15 team and Daniel as an absolute joy to work with and they helped our indie doc The Ringmaster attain many critic reviews. We will be recommending their services to other filmmakers and won’t hesitate to use them in the future.”


The Ringmaster is Zachary’s debut feature documentary – directed by Molly Dworsky and Dave Newberg. It follows a recovering gambling addict on a personal discovery into his childhood by connecting with a Minnesotan chef who makes renowned onion rings. Tables take a turn for the worst when the filmmaker attempts to improve the fortunes of the chef despite the latter’s disapproval. In secret, the camera crew turn the camera’s focus toward the filmmaker depicting his struggles over a three year period.


CEO Daniel Harlow described The Ringmaster as a “really unique Documentary that turns on itself. It has a hook about a world-famous Onion-ring maker, then adds to its uniqueness by telling the story of the filmmaker’s personal journey which becomes quite interesting by itself”.


The film presents an almost surreal meta-reality with a documentary unfolding within a documentary. It’s no surprise that critics lavished the film with praise.




CAPP BROS is an award-winning film and video production company hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. Run by Zachary, they have produced feature films, commercials, music videos and many other forms of branded content.



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