Bunker 15 Promotion Award – Apply for consideration

Bunker 15 Announces 2018 Critic Awards

Bunker 15 is selecting a handful of films that make a unique mark on the world. If your film has won awards at top festivals or just offers something special, we want to hear from you. Ideal for VOD, small Theatrical releases, or even new films looking for enough attention to secure Sales and Distribution.
The Critic Award carries a prize of free Publicity that showcases Bunker 15’s Smart-Publicity Engine. We find Reviewers and Journalists that have appreciated films like yours to get more Reviews than any other method.
We can only accommodate a small number of films for this award, so if your film speaks to us but we don’t have enough award slots then we will still offer all Honorable Mention films a substantially discounted Publicity package.
Good Luck!

Bunker 15 customers: Light of the Moon, Director Jessica Thompson and The Film Collaborative’s, Orly Ravid.


    For any question, don’t hesitate to contact meghan.cook@bunker15films.com