The Dalai Lama: Scientist

Roberta Munroe in conversation with director Dawn Engle. Bunker 15 works with Dawn Engle and 'Dalai Lama: Scientist' to reach 26 reviews and a 88% rating. Great Documentary from PeaceJam Foundation. Read The Film Collaborative's in depth Case Study here. Contine reading"The Dalai Lama: Scientist"

The Mentor

“The Mentor” is a movie that always wants to push things right to the edge. Unfortunately, it often pushesso far it slips off itself.   A first feature from Moez Solis, the story starts with Nilah, a young, Black and desperate wannabe filmmaker in Oakland. Running into arthouse auteur Claire Adams, she begs her to … Continue reading “The Mentor”

The Bellmen Case Study

The Film   Genre: Comedy Writers: Jason Adler and Cameron Fife Director: Cameron Fife Producer: Jason Adler Executive Producers: Kim Waltrip, Ken Schur Budget: SAG Modified Low Budget Co-Producers: Michael J Wickham, Samantha Herman World premiere: @ the Garden State Film Festival,March 2020   Development and Financing   In 2015 Jason and Cameron shot a … Continue reading “The Bellmen Case Study”

Tech Entrepreneur helps Indie Filmmakers get much-needed Press for their Projects

With Sundance getting a mind-blowing 14,000 film applicants this year, it is more difficult than ever for small Indie films and filmmakers to stand out from the crowd. Daniel Harlow, a tech entrepreneur and founder of Bunker 15 Films, has a strategy that offers a glimmer of hope – even for small indie films with … Continue reading “Tech Entrepreneur helps Indie Filmmakers get much-needed Press for their Projects”