The Dalai Lama: Scientist

Roberta Munroe in conversation with director Dawn Engle. Bunker 15 works with Dawn Engle and 'Dalai Lama: Scientist' to reach 26 reviews and a 88% rating. Great Documentary from PeaceJam Foundation. Read The Film Collaborative's in depth Case Study here. Contine reading"The Dalai Lama: Scientist"

The Bellmen Case Study

The Film   Genre: Comedy Writers: Jason Adler and Cameron Fife Director: Cameron Fife Producer: Jason Adler Executive Producers: Kim Waltrip, Ken Schur Budget: SAG Modified Low Budget Co-Producers: Michael J Wickham, Samantha Herman World premiere: @ the Garden State Film Festival,March 2020   Development and Financing   In 2015 Jason and Cameron shot a … Continue reading “The Bellmen Case Study”

Tech Entrepreneur helps Indie Filmmakers get much-needed Press for their Projects

With Sundance getting a mind-blowing 14,000 film applicants this year, it is more difficult than ever for small Indie films and filmmakers to stand out from the crowd. Daniel Harlow, a tech entrepreneur and founder of Bunker 15 Films, has a strategy that offers a glimmer of hope – even for small indie films with … Continue reading “Tech Entrepreneur helps Indie Filmmakers get much-needed Press for their Projects”

Death of Film Critic

As independent films continue to struggle against dwindling revenue streams, both foreign and domestic, one related industry (also in peril) contributing to the precariousness of today’s small film is Film Journalism – i.e. The Press. There are now Contine reading"Death of Film Critic"