You Resemble Me

With You Resemble Me currently playing at the Angelika Film Center, Filmmaker presents two guest posts about the film’s self-distribution, one by the film’s writer and director, Dina Amer, and, below, one by producer Elizabeth Woodward. After a beautiful premiere in Venice, 30 festival awards from over 70 festivals around the world, our special film You … Continue reading “You Resemble Me”

Divisive Director’s Final Swan Song – Lloyd Kaufman

Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz founded Troma Entertainment in 1974 as an independent film production and distribution company. Located in Los Angeles, the company specializes in producing low-budget independent films, largely horror-comedies. They often combine farce, parody, gore and splatter with elements of 1950s horror.   Many of the company’s films were released on YouTube … Continue reading “Divisive Director’s Final Swan Song – Lloyd Kaufman”


Gloria Stella took her small budget Indie, Tulsa, into hundreds of Regal theaters and hundreds more independently owned theaters all across the country. She did it with no real funding and no experience. Armed with the internet, email, the phone and the personal networks of everyone that worked on the film, she secured a US … Continue reading “Tulsa”

Somewhere with No Bridges

Martha’s Vineyard, MA (December 10, 2021) – CASE STUDY: Somewhere with No Bridges   • Title: Somewhere with No Bridges • Genre: Documentary • Writers: Charles Frank and Nico Bovat • Director: Charles Frank • Producers: Charles Frank, Andrew Hutcheson and Jeff Melanson • Cinematographer: Jeff Melanson   Development and Financing Production on Somewhere with … Continue reading “Somewhere with No Bridges”

Busman’s Holiday

Busman’s Holiday is a great VOD feature for Pandemic Times   Los Angeles, CA (October 10, 2021) – Bunker 15 helps take Busman’s Holiday’s publicity worldwide.   Bunker 15 Films and filmmaker Austin Smithard came together to boost the outreach of “Busman’s Holiday.”   Austin, a student of Speilberg, takes the viewer on a globe-trotting … Continue reading “Busman’s Holiday”