Busman’s Holiday

Busman’s Holiday is a great VOD feature for Pandemic Times
Los Angeles, CA (October 10, 2021) – Bunker 15 helps take Busman’s Holiday’s publicity worldwide.
Bunker 15 Films and filmmaker Austin Smithard came together to boost the outreach of “Busman’s Holiday.”
Austin, a student of Speilberg, takes the viewer on a globe-trotting quest through the film. We follow a disillusioned policeman entrusted with the task of searching for a missing girl. The drama stars Jamie McShane (Bloodline, Sons of Anarchy, Bosch).
Busman’s Holiday had no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes until Bunker 15 began the marketing campaign. The goal was to get 5 reviews so the film would register a score on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer… The result was 7 reviews and a score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, a very “Fresh” result indeed.
The film was a huge undertaking for Austin and required him to divide his attentions both creatively and financially. Bunker 15 helped lighten that load.
Austin says “The Bunker 15 team really delivered. The fact that I received seven positive reviews (even the negative review was actually very positive) was a great surprise. Of course, you can make a bad film or a good film, but without the knowledge to get the film noticed, none of it matters.”
CEO Daniel Harlow proclaimed that films “like Busman’s Holiday are what keeps critics coming back to Bunker 15 again and again for things to watch and write about. Busman’s Holiday is a great film to handle during the pandemic year of 2020 since critics loved the idea of a film about travel. Going around the world, even virtually, was a welcome respite from our dreary stay-at-home orders.”
Harlow continues “The fact that such a low budget indie was shot on location in multiple continents made it an easy pitch to journalists. We love working with films that are so easy to get writers to watch.”
Busman’s Holiday is a rare low budget indie that has Hollywood level scope.
And thanks to Bunker 15, the film got the critical response it deserved. Looking forward, Austin hopes it can also find the audience it deserves with the help of Bunker 15 once more “
I much appreciate your support and your idea to branch into distribution is exciting and worthwhile.”
Busman’s Holiday is available to watch now on Amazon Prime and iTunes.


Austin Smithard is a director, writer and producer from the Isle of Wight. Early in his career, his short film “The Homerun”, caught the attention of Steven Spielberg. This introduction into Hollywood led Smitthard onto working at Universal Pictures and Zoetrope as a writer.
Smitthard later began directing commercials, working with large brands such as Amtrak, Mercedes and the US Army plus many more. Busman’s Holiday is Smitthard’s second narrative feature film following Breaking the Fifth (2004) starring Frank Langella

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