Bunker 15 heats up Cold November’s Publicity

September 15, 2018

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For Bunker 15 Films:
Alessandra Alves
Bunker 15 lights a fire under Indie Memphis Jury Winner, Cold November-getting on the radar of Rotten Tomatoes users and putting the film on the Top DVD & Streaming Movies List.


Back in March, Bunker 15 debuted its Publicity Tech at South by Southwest – working with SXSW Audience Award Winning film, Light of the Moon.


“I cannot speak more highly of Bunker 15 Films and their team,” praised Jessica M. Thompson, writer and director of The Light of The Moon. “Their efforts made the online release of The Light of the Moon a huge success and contributed to our film being named in the top lists on both Amazon Prime and iTunes.”


Continuing their success with Festival Winners, Bunker 15 began working with Cold November in May.The film’s IMDB Moviemeter score – a metric of a film’s popularity – ranked it as the 152,552nd most popular film listed on IMDB. Rotten Tomatoes had yet to register a score since it only had a single
review. Despite a Jury Award Prize, Writer/Director Karl Jacob felt that many potential viewers could miss the film because it would not hit their radar. Having met Bunker 15 Films CEO, Daniel Harlow, at Wilmington’s Cucalorus Film Festival, Karl reached out and discussed Promotional Strategies.


With an iTunes release just four weeks away, there wasn’t a lot of time to spare. Bunker 15 designed an outreach program targeted at Critics and Journalists that love festival darlings and small Indies. In a matter of weeks, Bunker 15’s work resulted in Cold November moving up a staggering 145,000+ places on IMDB’s Moviemeter popularity ranking, putting it in the top 5% of films.


Five certified Rotten Tomatoes reviews and fifteen additional articles, reviews and interviews were generated in a very short timeframe. Cold November not only has a Rotten Tomatoes score now – but an impressive 100% at that!


“Bunker15 was instrumental in getting us the final push we needed leading up to our VOD
release in a smart, structured, informed way that no traditional PR firm could offer.”
– Karl Jacob, writer and director of Cold November


Bunker 15 has an array of technologies that reach top-tier critics. Additionally, the company is rolling out a massive program to film bloggers, vloggers, and tens of thousands of other Social Media Film Influencers that can bring an audience to your film.


Proprietary software and algorithms target media that have reviewed similar films, and their specialized outreach methodology helps find the right elements of your film to highlight that appeal to the most Critics and Social Media Influencers.


“As an Indie filmmaker,” said Karl Jacob, “this is not only money well spent, but a crucial, forward-thinking approach to modern, targeted outreach when you need it the most.”


About: Bunker 15 Films offers promotional strategies for VOD and Theatrical releases. With thousands of certified critics, journalists and media influencers, Bunker 15 can bring media attention to your film that no other Publicity techniques can. Having logged every film critic and every film they liked or didn’t like, their Data-Driven smart strategies drive buzz for your film to the audiences that want to see it.