Bunker 15 Breaks Into Film Publicity

Bunker 15 was recently engaged by the 2017 SXSW Winner, Light of the Moon, to promote their Amazon
Prime debut, and their technology driven publicity engine yielded impressive results.


“I cannot speak more highly of Bunker 15 Films and their team,” praised Jessica M. Thompson, writer
and director of ​The Light of The Moon ​. “Their efforts made the online release of The Light of The Moon a
huge success and contributed to our film being named in the top lists on both Amazon Prime and iTunes.
In today’s competitive distribution market, you need to stand out from the crowd, and Bunker 15 made all
the difference to getting our indie film seen far and wide.”


15 jumped in on a rushed basis to reach out to media around the world and was successful in gettingus
many more reviews in effort to meet our publicity goals,” said Orly Ravid of The Film Collaborative.
“Bunker 15 is great to work with and they really deliver!”


Bunker 15 offers:

  • Marketing for films with or without Theatrical run – ideal for SVOD releases
  • A large database of critics and media influencers
  • Data-driven smart promotional strategies
  • A Distribution Platform for indie filmmakers


CEO Daniel Harlow says: “The challenge with ​The Light of the Moon
was their theatrical and festival runs were over before they contacted us–but with our technology, we can
find critics that don’t require a local theatrical run. As we continue to evolve our targeting systems, I have
no doubt we will continue to improve at securing high quality press for our film clients.”

About​:​ Bunker 15 Films is an innovative promotion and distribution company based in Los Angeles and
New York. ​They use direct communication with leading critics and influencers to bring small films
massive exposure.