Tech Entrepreneur helps Indie Filmmakers get much-needed Press for their Projects

With Sundance getting a mind-blowing 14,000 film applicants this year, it is more difficult than ever for small Indie films and filmmakers to stand out from the crowd. Daniel Harlow, a tech entrepreneur and founder of Bunker 15 Films, has a strategy that offers a glimmer of hope – even for small indie films with … Continue reading “Tech Entrepreneur helps Indie Filmmakers get much-needed Press for their Projects”

How to get your film reviewed

Bunker 15 helps indie filmmakers reach their audience   Getting an independent film noticed by critics has long bedeviled the low-budget, independent filmmaker. Often the indie has put almost every nickel into producing the picture, leaving little if any budget for publicity.But the PR game has changed as much in the past two decades as Contine reading"How to get your film reviewed"

Death of Film Critic

As independent films continue to struggle against dwindling revenue streams, both foreign and domestic, one related industry (also in peril) contributing to the precariousness of today’s small film is Film Journalism – i.e. The Press. There are now fewer full-time journalists (and therefore film journalists) than ever before.There are more films Contine reading"Death of Film Critic"