Death of Film Critic

As independent films continue to struggle against dwindling revenue streams, both foreign and domestic, one related industry (also in peril) contributing to the precariousness of today’s small film is Film Journalism – i.e. The Press. There are now fewer full-time journalists (and therefore film journalists) than ever before.There are more films Contine reading "Death of Film Critic"

Bunker 15 Partners with ‘Light of the Moon’ for Amazon Debut

Bunker 15 Films has partnered with Imagination Worldwide in marketing the Amazon Prime debut of The Light of the Moon on February 28th. Bunker 15 is a Los Angeles and New York-based company focused on the promotion and distribution of independent films, particularly films slated for SVOD release. Using the latest internet technology and social … Continue reading “Bunker 15 Partners with ‘Light of the Moon’ for Amazon Debut”