Song of Sway Lake wins Bunker 15’s Critic Award 2018

September 15, 2018

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For Bunker 15 Films:
Alessandra Alves

Bunker 15 swoons for Song of Sway Lake’s jazzy, ambient rhythms

[Los Angeles, CA]: Bunker 15 is thrilled to announce the winner of its first annual Critic Awards, Song of Sway Lake. In the process, the Bunker 15 team combed through over 100 inspiring and moving submissions from around the world. It was a difficult task to pick a winner from the incredible films received, but ultimately it was Ari Gold’s musical meditation on how our memories of the past shape the reality of our future that won the honor.

“I wish we could have picked many deserving filmmakers. But in the end, we had to pick one. Song of Sway Lake was such a beautifully shot and skillfully made film. The music, acting and the mood that it sustains throughout are just incredible. The cast is from all generations and the writing has something to say about youth, age and life in general. I saw the film and thought: this is what we wish for in Indie filmmaking.”, said Daniel Harlow, CEO of Bunker 15 Films.

Breathtaking cinematography highlights powerful performances by Rory Culkin and Robert Sheehan. Song of Sway Lake opens in 13 U.S. cities in late September of 2018 and on VOD on September 25th, 2018. The film is being distributed by The Orchard and The Film Collaborative.
Bunker 15’s Critic Awards were established this year to provide professional promotion services to a deserving independent film. Bunker 15 is passionate about promoting incredible, yet sometimes under-the-radar, films to the industry’s most sought after critics and writers. The team looks forward to continuing this tradition next year and uncovering new, excellent films.
As the winner of the Critic Awards, Song of Sway Lake will receive an exclusive promotional package from Bunker 15 Films. This includes $15,000 worth of targeted publicity to the most relevant writers around the world in anticipation of the film’s worldwide VOD release.
About Bunker 15 Films:

Bunker 15 is a Los Angeles and New York-based company focused on the promotion and distribution of independent films, particularly films slated for SVOD release. Using the latest internet technology and social media learning algorithms, the online marketing and distribution company helps independent films find their audience and gain the attention of top entertainment critics and influencers.

Bunker 15 heats up Cold November’s Publicity

September 15, 2018

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For Bunker 15 Films:
Alessandra Alves
Bunker 15 lights a fire under Indie Memphis Jury Winner, Cold November-getting on the radar of Rotten Tomatoes users and putting the film on the Top DVD & Streaming Movies List.


Back in March, Bunker 15 debuted its Publicity Tech at South by Southwest – working with SXSW Audience Award Winning film, Light of the Moon.


“I cannot speak more highly of Bunker 15 Films and their team,” praised Jessica M. Thompson, writer and director of The Light of The Moon. “Their efforts made the online release of The Light of the Moon a huge success and contributed to our film being named in the top lists on both Amazon Prime and iTunes.”


Continuing their success with Festival Winners, Bunker 15 began working with Cold November in May.The film’s IMDB Moviemeter score – a metric of a film’s popularity – ranked it as the 152,552nd most popular film listed on IMDB. Rotten Tomatoes had yet to register a score since it only had a single
review. Despite a Jury Award Prize, Writer/Director Karl Jacob felt that many potential viewers could miss the film because it would not hit their radar. Having met Bunker 15 Films CEO, Daniel Harlow, at Wilmington’s Cucalorus Film Festival, Karl reached out and discussed Promotional Strategies.


With an iTunes release just four weeks away, there wasn’t a lot of time to spare. Bunker 15 designed an outreach program targeted at Critics and Journalists that love festival darlings and small Indies. In a matter of weeks, Bunker 15’s work resulted in Cold November moving up a staggering 145,000+ places on IMDB’s Moviemeter popularity ranking, putting it in the top 5% of films.


Five certified Rotten Tomatoes reviews and fifteen additional articles, reviews and interviews were generated in a very short timeframe. Cold November not only has a Rotten Tomatoes score now – but an impressive 100% at that!


“Bunker15 was instrumental in getting us the final push we needed leading up to our VOD
release in a smart, structured, informed way that no traditional PR firm could offer.”
– Karl Jacob, writer and director of Cold November


Bunker 15 has an array of technologies that reach top-tier critics. Additionally, the company is rolling out a massive program to film bloggers, vloggers, and tens of thousands of other Social Media Film Influencers that can bring an audience to your film.


Proprietary software and algorithms target media that have reviewed similar films, and their specialized outreach methodology helps find the right elements of your film to highlight that appeal to the most Critics and Social Media Influencers.


“As an Indie filmmaker,” said Karl Jacob, “this is not only money well spent, but a crucial, forward-thinking approach to modern, targeted outreach when you need it the most.”


About: Bunker 15 Films offers promotional strategies for VOD and Theatrical releases. With thousands of certified critics, journalists and media influencers, Bunker 15 can bring media attention to your film that no other Publicity techniques can. Having logged every film critic and every film they liked or didn’t like, their Data-Driven smart strategies drive buzz for your film to the audiences that want to see it.

Bunker 15 Breaks Into Film Publicity

Bunker 15’s Publicity Tech gets film Rotten Tomatoes reviews, LA Times VOD Pick of the Week,
Chicago-Tribune Article.


Bunker 15 was recently engaged by the 2017 SXSW Winner, Light of the Moon, to promote their Amazon
Prime debut, and their technology driven publicity engine yielded impressive results.


“I cannot speak more highly of Bunker 15 Films and their team,” praised Jessica M. Thompson, writer
and director of ​The Light of The Moon ​. “Their efforts made the online release of The Light of The Moon a
huge success and contributed to our film being named in the top lists on both Amazon Prime and iTunes.
In today’s competitive distribution market, you need to stand out from the crowd, and Bunker 15 made all
the difference to getting our indie film seen far and wide.”


Dynamic media planning helped the film garner twelve reviews on Rotten Tomatoes nearly a year after its
initial limited release, and led to an overwhelmingly positive Critics Consensus on the website. “​Bunker
15 jumped in on a rushed basis to reach out to media around the world and was successful in gettingus
many more reviews in effort to meet our publicity goals,” said Orly Ravid of The Film Collaborative.
“Bunker 15 is great to work with and they really deliver!”


Bunker 15 offers:

  • Marketing for films with or without Theatrical run – ideal for SVOD releases
  • A large database of critics and media influencers
  • Data-driven smart promotional strategies
  • A Distribution Platform for indie filmmakers


CEO Daniel Harlow says: “We have over 3000 Rotten Tomatoes critics in our database, every film they
liked or didn’t like, and what publications they are writing for.The challenge with ​The Light of the Moon
was their theatrical and festival runs were over before they contacted us–but with our technology, we can
find critics that don’t require a local theatrical run. As we continue to evolve our targeting systems, I have
no doubt we will continue to improve at securing high quality press for our film clients.”
About​:​ Bunker 15 Films is an innovative promotion and distribution company based in Los Angeles and
New York. ​They use direct communication with leading critics and influencers to bring small films
massive exposure.