Bunker 15 Films launches a Producing arm
dedicated to making commercially viable
films that win over audiences and critics alike.

films that entertain.
films that make you think.
films can be both. Popular and great art.

Tech Entrepreneur, Bunker Films startup CEO and Author Daniel Harlow (Making movies without losing money, Routledge, 2020) launches Bunker 15 Films development fund with the purpose of telling compelling stories that make smart investments for film investors. Bunker 15 will produce compelling films with international, commercial appeal that also make great stories, change people, make people think… in short, that rise to the dizzying heights of being Art.

How we choose our projects

Currently we do not review unsolicited submissions. However, our team is constantly outreaching to filmmakers as well as reviewing submissions through trusted referrals. Our goal is to have an open submission process in the not too distant future.